About us

Based in Budapest and Szeged, the agency started its activity in 2010 with the leading of Dr. Beatrix Radnóti-Márton, committed in successful model career management, looking for young talents, both domestically and internationally. Our models work globally where fashion industry exists including the 4 capitals (New York, London, Paris and Milano) and from the whole American continent, through Europe to Asia. Starting its 5th prosperous year, our business developed its activities with event organizing, promo modeling and marketing.

We have models presently working worldwide and building international careers.

In what we differ from other model agencies:

Comparing to several other agencies, EuropeFace has a completely unique approach and management for young talents. We diligently select the ones whom we put our trust in, on the basis of international criteria. For the ones who win the confidence of our professional team we give every help and support in order to have a successful international career. Our aim is not putting emphasis only on the appearance. It is also important to develop personal qualities besides the looks. Unlike other agencies, nothing is a “must” at EuropeFace. Instead, we believe in proper and constant communication, and in unconditional, common trust.


It is important to know that if a model gets into our agency, he/she is not obliged to pay, and invest large sums in long model trainings and in numbers of useless bad-quality photos. Our agency provides to every model to get the needed knowledge to be able to do their best on the leading markets, like New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore or China. We teach our models of the profession, how to pose and move on the catwalk, which they can make use of on fashion weeks. They learn how to present themselves and represent their own interests abroad, as well. Besides improvement in profession, we consider character development as important, since nowadays a pretty face is not enough. Dedication towards the profession and the right attitude for work makes the difference and helps you to stand out.


Success does not only depending on us, our models have to work for it too! We expect great flexibility and a 100% trust from those who choose us.

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